SB Nation's Super Bowl XLVIII CoverageSeahawks DEF Broncos 43-8

Super Bowl Champs

Seahawks win it all

The Seattle Seahawks are world champions, beating the Denver Broncos by a final score of 43-8 in Super Bowl XLVIII on Feb. 2, 2014.

Super Bowl prop bets

Prop bet results

Did you win anything on the big game? This handy recap of all the prop bets and those Super Bowl squares will clue you in on your potential winnings.


The Matchup

Denver Broncos

  • score 8
  • total yards 306
  • passing yards 279
  • rushing yards 27
  • turnovers 4
  • first downs 18
  • time of possession 28:07:00
  • third down conversions/attempts 6/13

Seattle Seahawks

  • score 43
  • total yards 341
  • passing yards 206
  • rushing yards 135
  • turnovers 0
  • first downs 17
  • time of possession 31:53:00
  • third down conversions/attempts 7/12
Super Bowl Commercials

Let's watch some commercials!

Did you miss one of the new commercials? Need to see it again? Looking for GIFs, videos and insightful analysis? Jon Bois and Spencer Hall have you covered during Sunday's big game.

Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson, game manager?

Russell Wilson has been stamped with a label most quarterbacks resent, but what kind of player is he really?

Super Bowl Week

An honest day's work stripping

After being asked a question about strippers, Richard Sherman said women can be anything they want and to not limit themselves to those circumstances. Susan Shepard explains that stripping is a job and it's OK, and the entertainment is enough.


Recapping the Super Bowl halftime show

Nothing says "the Super Bowl" like a 30-minute halftime show featuring such stars as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruno Mars.

Seattle Seahawks

Pete Carroll, or why optimism is the new punting from the opponent's 40

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is just like every other NFL head coach, except for one thing. Spencer Hall takes a look at what sets Carroll apart from his NFL peers.

Super Bowl Weather

Dreaming of a grayish-white Super Bowl

Sure, there is a foot of snow on the ground in New Jersey less than two weeks before the Super Bowl will be played there. Don't get your hopes up, America.


25 things that will definitely happen at the Super Bowl

You can't bet on these because Vegas doesn't let you bet on near certainties.


Super Bowl XLVIII

Breaking Madden

The Breaking Madden Super Bowl

For this, the season finale of Breaking Madden, there will be bitter cold and heavy snowfall. There will also be, Lord willing, the most one-sided result in the history of sports. In the greatest American football rout of historical record, Georgia Tech beat Cumberland College, 222-0. I want to multiply that. I want a thousand points in one game.

Radio Row

Radio Row is terrible

Why does everything happen on Radio Row during Super Bowl week? What IS Radio Row? How does it work, and why is it such an enervating experience? Matt Ufford goes inside the soul-sucking marriage of sports media and brand awareness.

Denver Broncos mile high report

Beating Seattle's scheme

The whole world's been talking about the Seahawks pass defense. The Denver Broncos think they have a way to change the subject.

Super Bowl security

Ready for anything?

From snipers to plainclothes officers in the stands, NFL security goes all out for the Super Bowl. SB Nation's Steven Godfrey talked with current and retired FBI agents who have been on the front lines of a big game about what still worries them about Super Bowl security.

Seattle Seahawks field gulls

Earl Thomas is not human

What's really going on in Seattle's Area 29?

Further Reading
Denver Broncos

Peyton's pitiless farewell tour

This isn't one of those cushy pre-retirement paycheck tours for Peyton Manning, writes Spencer Hall. The Broncos quarterback is a pissed off dad in orthotics, breaking records and tearing apart inferior competition to the bitter end.

Super Bowl Boulevard

Super Bowl Boulevard is not decadent and depraved

The Super Bowl is a football game. Everything around it is exhausting.

Super Bowl Parties

The 23 people you meet at every Super Bowl Party

The biggest problem in America this weekend will be people not knowing the exact type of people coming to their Super Bowl party. The second biggest problem is not having enough listicles telling them who these people will be. Well, problem solved, America. You're welcome.

Denver Broncos

Peyton eyes another Super Bowl

Peyton Manning already has a claim as one of the best quarterbacks ever to play the game. Can he cement his place in history with another Super Bowl win?

Denver Broncos

Denver's most important matchup

Retired defensive end Stephen White is back with a Super Bowl edition of his Notebook, where he previews the game's most important matchup and in which game situations to watch it most closely.

Super Bowl Travel Guide

Your New Jersey Super Bowl tourism guide

The next Super Bowl is billed as a New York affair. It isn't. So if you're planning on attending, you should get to know North Jersey.

Super Bowl parties

The ultimate Super Bowl party

PFT Commenter has all the ingredients for throwing the perfect Super Bowl party for REAL fans.

Seattle Seahawks

Already in Beast Mode

Marshawn Lynch was never going to open up, or do more than the bare minimum, at Super Bowl Media Day. Expecting him, or anyone else, to give more than canned answers and lip service was never realistic.

Denver Broncos mile high report

The origin of 'Pot Roast'

Denver Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton detailed the origin of his "Pot Roast" nickname.

Seattle Seahawks field gulls

Super concerns

Two things you should probably be worried about come Sunday, and two things you really shouldn't sweat.

Denver Broncos

Rocky Mountain arsenal

Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker and Julius Thomas helped Peyton Manning set NFL records for passing and touchdowns. Danny Kelly breaks down why the Seahawks are going to have their hands full on Feb. 2.

Super Bowl rosters

Cashing in

Free agency is just around the corner and a great performance in the Super Bowl could mean a bigger payday for a few players.

Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman's big play

Danny Kelly heads to the film room for a closer look at the play that sent the Seahawks to the Super Bowl and made Sherman a household name.

Seattle Seahawks

Better than advertised

Denver's receivers get all the attention, but don't sleep on Doug Baldwin, Golden Tate and Seattle's receivers.

Super Bowl Preview

An Australian mom previews the big game

The NFL is going global, so we found an international source to let you know everything about the big game.

AFC Championship

Breaking down the Broncos win

Retired NFL defensive end Stephen White digs into the film from Denver's AFC title game, and finds a team that isn't going to be easy to beat in the Super Bowl.

NFC Championship

Tape review of Seahawks-Niners

The little things made all the difference for the 49ers and the Seahawks in the NFC Championship Game last week. The 49ers didn't do them. The Seahawks did, with a whole lot of hustle.

Denver Broncos

The 2009 trade that could haunt the Broncos

Alphonso Smith won't be on the field in the Super Bowl, but his impact on the game will be noticeable.

Super Bowl Odds

History of Super Bowl spreads & prop bets

The coin toss, the MVP, the length of the National Anthem ... you can bet on anything for the big game, including the actual game itself. David Fucillo takes a closer look at the real fun behind the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl odds

Touchdowns, goals & prop bets

Super Bowl XLVIII is just around the corner, and there are some crazy prop bets to consider. Odds Shark has some interesting cross-sport wagers, including English Premier League action.

Denver Broncos mile high report

48 reasons to pick the Broncos

Peyton Manning, Champ Bailey, and 46 more reasons the Broncos will top the Seahawks in Super Bowl 48.

Seattle Seahawks field gulls

4 stats that favor the Seahawks

Drops, turnovers, and Percy Harvin. There's plenty of reasons to like Seattle's chances, but here are just a few.

Super Bowl Picks

Picking a winner

SB Nation's NFL panel offered up their Super Bowl picks, with a decided lean in one direction.

Super Bowl Preview

Super Bowl hangout

SB Nation's Seahawks and Broncos bloggers preview the big game.

Denver Broncos

Elvis is faxed

It was one of the more bizarre sequences of last or any NFL offseason. A quick review of the stupid fax foibles that cost the Broncos a re-signed Elvis Dumervil, and how that could impact the biggest game of the year.

Seattle Seahawks

Why you mad, bro? Richard Sherman didn't do anything wrong

Richard Sherman spoke his mind following the NFC Championship, and once again was labeled as everything under the sun. But why?

Seattle Seahawks

Behind the Boom

You probably know them as the Legion of Boom, but there's more to Seattle's historic pass defense than nicknames. Danny Kelly heads to the film room to take a look at how Pete Carroll turns simple concepts into spectacular play.

Super Bowl Travel Guide

The ultimate New York tour guide

Dan Rubenstein and Matt Ufford show you everything you need to see to get the full New York (and beyond) Super Bowl experience.

Super Bowl Week

A guide to alternate Super Bowl storylines

The Super Bowl should be a good game. But this is not the only Super Bowl that could've been, or the best one. For instance ...