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Having interpersonal conflicts at work? Try dancing it out.

Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

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A recent survey published by the Harvard Business Review asked 83 corporate executives to put a dollar amount on how much money “people problems” cost their businesses. The executives estimated that interpersonal conflicts cost an average of $144,541.30 per day. And if you’ve ever worked in an office environment, you know that work conflicts can still be annoying to deal with on a daily basis and, at their worst, can negatively affect your career and life outside of work.

But what if we lived in a world where, instead of passive aggressive e-mails, whispered gossip at the coffee machine, and outright arguments, coworkers confronted and resolved their interpersonal conflicts head-on? What if they did it Unfortunately, we don’t have any surveys or scientific data to back up this argument. All we had was a hypothesis, a beat, and clothing from Alfani, Created for Macy’s. Alfani’s sharp styles with stretch allow for comfort and flexibility on the go and made the above video possible. This dramatic rendering of a work argument resolved by dance might inspire you to take a different approach to conflict resolution — or at least offer a little distraction from another day in the office.

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