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K.B. Blinn hopes to be remembered as another one of the greats to come out of her hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts – a list that includes Springfield College graduate James Naismith and children’s literature icon Dr. Seuss. As the first-ever graduate of SC’s sports journalism program, Blinn boasts a resume that includes being at the bottom of the barrel on the overnight highlight-cutting crew at ESPN Radio in Bristol, being one of AOL’s Fanhouse Minute girls (if you remember them - do you?), and being a contributor at Deadspin not once, but – count it – twice. When not writing, Blinn wakes up at ungodly hours to run mercilessly into the snow and rain despite no hope of ever winning a race of any kind. She is a Boston fan [or "asshole" to those of you living outside of Massachusetts] and is proud of it. And she often prefers to eat her weight in food, which she is aware is a really, really attractive quality.