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I'm a senior NBA writer for after serving as the NBA editor since 2012. Phrases like "ice the pick and roll" tumble way too easily out of my mouth.

How Don Nelson helped usher in the positional revolution

The best team to never win an NBA title? You chose the 1997 Utah Jazz

TITLELESS: 16 NBA teams who were robbed of a championship

TITLELESS: 16 NBA championship contenders who weren’t good enough

TITLELESS: 16 overachieving NBA teams who fell short of a title

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TITLELESS: 16 NBA teams that flamed out too soon

Our quest to uncover the best NBA team to not win a title begins with the teams that suffered mind-boggling playoff disappointments.

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TITLELESS: Who was the best NBA team to never win a title?

We’ll be spotlighting a field of 64 teams in NBA history that did not win a title. At the end, we’ll hand out a virtual championship trophy to one hard-luck loser.

8 players we want to see in the NBA’s live H-O-R-S-E tournament

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The 30 best ‘NBA on NBC’ intros

Relive the glory of basketball nostalgia with these old ‘NBA on NBC’ intros.

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SB Nation Reviews: The Skyhook

We took a deep dive into Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s signature move.