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The Pat Riley-Danny Ainge beef marinated for over 30 years, then got real spicy real fast

Chosen: A deep rewind of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 46-year title quest

Here you’ll find info for all three chapters, plus dates and links for more Chosen stuff!


Didier Drogba’s momentous final kick in Chelsea’s 2012 Champions League run demands a deep rewind

This is one of the most Rewinder-y things to ever happen, honestly.


Is Bartolo Colon the worst batter ever to hit a home run?


Kobe Bryant’s final shot needs a deep rewind

Somehow, after 20 years, Kobe Bryant had a chance to write a perfect ending to his time as a Laker.

Rewinding Candace Parker’s legendary dunk

It’s been 15 years since she threw down the first dunk the NCAA Women’s Tournament had ever seen

Villanova vs. North Carolina was more than a moment in history

Looking back at the moment that sparked Rewinder

A booze company deemed Michael Jordan MVP before the NBA ever did

Seagram’s computer algorithm suggested Jordan had the NBA’s most impressive stats as far back as his rookie season.


Rewinder: Ray Allen and Allen Iverson played kinda badly in the legendary 1996 Big East Final

An exciting final minute has a way of eclipsing everything that preceded it


Kevin Garnett’s beef with the Minnesota Timberwolves owner includes a mini-beef with Wally Szczerbiak