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2013 Capital One Bowl, Nebraska vs. Georgia: Teams, TV schedule, location and more

SEC runner-up Georgia will meet Nebraska in Orlando's Citrus Bowl on New Year's Day for the 2013 Capital One Bowl.

Mike Ehrmann

Nebraska's going to have to hope its next game goes better than its last outing. They'll face near-national title contender Georgia, which won 11 games but dropped the SEC Championship, in the Capital One Bowl, the second year in a row in Orlando for the Huskers.

The Capital One Bowl (the Tangerine Bowl and Citrus Bowl of yesteryear) usually pairs the second-best teams from the Big Ten and the SEC. Among non-BCS bowls, the bowl boasts the best matchup of the postseason schedule, as far as conference finish of each contender.

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TV schedule: Tues., Jan. 1, 2013; 1 p.m. ET, ESPN

Locale: Orlando, Fla.; Citrus Bowl (cap. 70,229)

My thoughts on the title sponsor's services: Annually, Capital One goes all out on a contest to name the best mascot of the year. A series of several, usually clever, commercials airs throughout the college football season with mascots participating in zany contests moderated by Doug Flutie. Sure, it's silly, but anything that gives Western Kentucky's Big Red air time is worth it.

Last year's score: South Carolina 30, Nebraska 13

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