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Jimmy Butler gets buckets, just like his nickname implies

The Sixers’ new star has quickly lived up to the hype and is showing everyone why he was anointed with the nickname “Jimmy Buckets.”

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Star point guard Kemba Walker did everything he could to put the Charlotte Hornets on his back on Saturday night. He went 21-for-34 from the field, scored a career-high 60 (!) points, and even hit the crowd with the famous Michael Jordan shrug after nailing a 3-pointer at the end of the fourth quarter.

But Jimmy Butler wasn’t having it.

With the game tied 119-119 in the final seconds of overtime, the All-Star guard capped off his first week with the Philadelphia 76ers by doing this:

Good night, Charlotte.

Butler didn’t shoot the ball particularly well on the night, but none of that mattered with the game on the line. The Sixers’ new star did what he does best: He got buckets, and now it’s a T-shirt.

Philly Gets Buckets T-shirt for $27

The 29-year-old All-Star went 4-for-11 from the field and finished the game with 15 points. The stat line wasn’t particularly impressive, but if Butler continues to shine in huge moments like Saturday night’s, Philly fans won’t give much thought to his box score.

In Butler’s first week with the team, the Sixers finished 2-1, including a 113-107 win against the Utah Jazz in which Butler scored a team-high 28 points.

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