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It’s March, which means the New Era St. Patrick’s Day cap collection is here

There are some slight variations for all 30 MLB teams, but yes, they’re still very green!

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For those who aren’t counting — and you totally should be — we’re just 22 days away from Opening Day and a new season of baseball. As part of the countdown, we also have to relish in one of the best holidays of the year: St. Patrick’s Day.

Traditionally, baseball gets in on the St. Patrick’s Day action during spring training, which means we’ll see a lot of green from players and teams around MLB.

As part of the celebration, the New Era St. Patrick’s Day cap collection is back, too

And of course, it is very, very green. The collection dropped a few weeks ago, but since we’re now fully locked into spring training, it’s time to take a deeper dive into this year’s set.

What’s new with this year’s caps?

For starters, New Era has changed the color compositions on the caps for 2019. Instead of the green-on-green look for most caps from last year, New Era has changed the look to a white crown with green on the brim. The San Francisco Giants are the exception to the color scheme, rocking an all-green look with an orange logo. The women’s 9TWENTY adjustable hat is also an all-white look with the team’s green logo on the front of the cap.

As part of the the 2019 collection, New Era has also dropped the shamrock stitched patch on the right side of the cap. Instead, there’s a shamrock on the top left of the hat.

Here’s the St. Louis Cardinals 2018 cap vs. the 2019 cap.

How much do the St. Patrick’s Day caps cost?

Depending on the style, hat prices range from $23.99 to $39.99.

And here are a few of this year’s caps that stood out

You can check the collection for all 30 teams here, but let’s take a look at a few more of our favorites from this year’s set.

Boston Red Sox

San Francisco Giants

Philadelphia Phillies

New York Yankees

Los Angeles Dodgers

Baltimore Orioles

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