The Texans are the newest (and, sadly, likely currently the worst) franchise in the NFL. There was a time when the team boasted transcendent talents at several positions, but this is not that time. Fortunately, as rough as the football watching may be, the city that the Texans call home is undoubtedly one of the best in the country.

What to Eat


The Original Ninfa’s is the birthplace of fajitas, and do they ever have options. In addition to the classics — skirt steak, chicken, a combination of the two, or portobello mushrooms — you can add exotic options like woodfire-grilled quail or bacon-wrapped diablo shrimp to your fajitas. If fajitas aren’t your jam, Ninfa’s has plenty of other menu options, with everything from tacos to enchiladas, and even a fajita burger. 

Pinkerton’s BBQ

You can’t go to Texas without indulging in some quality barbecue, and Pinkerton’s is the place to check out in Houston. Everything’s made fresh from scratch daily. Make a point of trying the brisket — a Texas barbecue staple. Just be sure to get there and order early, as this popular spot tends to run out of things as the day goes on. 

Biggest tourist attraction

Space Center Houston

Check out the Starship Gallery, filled with flown spacecraft, and the Mission Mars exhibit to learn about what would be required for humans to travel to the red planet. You can also see the Skylab Trainer, where astronauts trained for time on the International Space Station. They also have options for an overnight experience where visitors can camp out under the twice-flown SpaceX Falcon rocket or the shuttle carrier aircraft NASA 905. 

Under the radar attraction

Museum of Fine Art

The MFAH has over 70,000 pieces of fine art available for patrons to take in and enjoy. If you can get there before Sept. 19, be sure to check out the Impressionist to Modernism exhibit. The exhibit is only featured at the Museum of Fine Art in Houston, and contains works from Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and more. 

Game day experience

Parking is plentiful, but Uber and/or taking the light rail to NRG Stadium are excellent alternatives.  The tailgating is among the finest experiences in the NFL, and fans are generally friendly.  Or we were, until Fate (or Bill O’Brien) saw fit to detonate our beloved football team from within and curse us with what should be at least two or three years of dumpster-diving.  Now we are bitter shells of the joyful souls we used to be.