Some might think “The City of Brotherly Love” is a misnomer due to preconceived notions about Philly fans. But you know how it’s OK if you make fun of your sibling, but it’s not cool if someone else does it? Yeah, that’s the case here as well. Philly fans aren’t afraid to rip their favorite teams, but they’ll defend them to the death if any outsiders are talking trash. The truth is that the people here are just more intensely passionate about their sports teams than anywhere else. It’s fitting, then, that Philly is the only city in the United States with their major sports arenas (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) as close as they are in the same area. And it’s no secret that the Eagles reign supreme among the bunch. Nothing is more ubiquitous than the Birds.

What to Eat

Woodrow’s Sandwich Shop

Everyone has their favorite cheesesteak place, but Woodrow’s is truly the best. Some say it’s ruined other cheesesteak experiences for them because they simply don’t stack up to this one. What makes Woodrow’s unique is their truffle whiz. It’s a great twist on a classic.

Angelo’s Pizzeria

Arguably the best pizza that Philly has to offer. The Upside Down Jawn is the pie to get here. Everything is perfect … from the dough, to the cheese, to the sauce, to the extremely Philly name. It’s pure bliss. A must-try for pizza lovers. 

Biggest tourist attraction

The Rocky Steps

No visit to Philly is truly complete without running up The Rocky Steps. Once at the top, one can look out over the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and see City Hall and the rest of the Philly skyline. Entering the museum itself is obviously worth your time but, at the very least, everyone needs to go up the steps and then go back down to take a picture with the Rocky statue. 

Under the radar attraction

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

After grabbing a cheesesteak at Woodrow’s, one can walk a few blocks west on South Street to check out a unique experience. Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens might just sound like a bunch of flowers, but it’s not nearly that simple. PMG describes itself as a “mosaicked visionary art environment.”

Game day experience

There are plenty of paid lots around Lincoln Financial Field. Since tailgating is so huge in Philly, though, the best bet is to arrive as early as possible and hang out with your fellow fans. One can use a ride-sharing app to get around paying for parking. Taking SEPTA’s Broad Street Line is another affordable way to get to the stadium.