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VIDEO: Morehead State's Sean Woods berates player

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Morehead State battled Kentucky on Wednesday night, but the story after the game is head coach Sean Woods, and the confrontation he had on the bench with one of his players.

Update: Woods faces potential discipline, Morehead State announced.

Wednesday night, No. 8 Kentucky beat Morehead State, 81-70 in a game that was probably closer than some expected. But the story afterward was not the margin of victory, but instead the behavior of Eagles' head coach Sean Woods, and the way he was seen treating one of his players.

With 5:51 left in the game, and the Wildcats pulling away with a 69-61 lead, Woods became visibly upset with senior guard Devon Atkinson. Apparently not happy with how Atkinson was coming to the bench after being whistled for a foul, Woods becomes irate, screaming at the guard before visibly showing him toward the bench.


Woods continued screaming, often doing so just inches from Atkinson's face. An assistant coach tried to pull the player away, but the coach persisted, following him to his seat on the bench where he knelt down to further yell in Atkinson's face. Understandably, Atkinson was noticeably upset once Woods finally left him alone.

Atkinson finished with four points in 20 minutes before fouling out.

Afterward, Woods defended his actions, saying, "We're learning how to be basketball players. He let his emotions take control. Wanted him to calm down."

It's worth noting that this is not the first such incident for Woods.