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NCAA reportedly fires lead investigator in Shabazz Muhammad case

The NCAA has let go of Abigail Grantstein after the unraveling of the case against Shabazz Muhammad.


The NCAA has reportedly fired Abigail Grantstein in the wake of the unraveling of the Shabazz Muhammad case. Grantstein is an assistant director of enforcement for the NCAA, who tasked her with the responsibility to investigate Muhammad. Unfortunately, her loud-mouthed boyfriend might have ruined her career.

The name of Grantstein surfaced earlier this year after a conversation on an airplane. Baxter Holmes of the Los Angeles Times reported that a passenger was caught on an airplane flight stating that her girlfriend was doing whatever it takes to ensure that Muhammad would not be eligible this year, regardless of the findings. An attorney overheard the conversation, eventually interviewed the Times and sent his findings to a former NCAA infractions committee chairman.

Soon after that revelation, the NCAA dropped their case and reinstated Muhammad, stating that he'd done enough to serve his sentence. Muhammad has played for UCLA since then, averaging 17.8 points per game while shooting 48 percent from the field.