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San Diego State's Jamaal Franklin delivers the dunk of 2013

San Diego State's Jamaal Franklin dunked a pass from himself on Wednesday night, but that simple description comes nowhere near doing the event justice.

Kevork Djansezian

We thought we may have seen the dunk of the year earlier in the night from Illinois' Brandon Paul, but then San Diego State's Jamaal Franklin went and did this:

Upon first viewing, it's hard to even comprehend what really takes place here. It takes watching it a few times on a loop to truly respect the fact that Franklin, 1) does this while running down the court at maximum speed; 2) throws (shoots?) the ball from the back paw of the Bulldog; and 3) actually looks off the defender to his right before letting the ball go.

Dunk of the year. I'm not listening to anyone who wants to debate that statement.