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Marshall Henderson, Kentucky fans throw ice at each other

Henderson did not take kindly to a fan throwing an ice cube at him.

Marshall Henderson, who might be the most entertaining player in college basketball right now, took things to another level on Tuesday night. It involved ice.

With the Ole Miss Rebels taking on the Kentucky Wildcats in front of a packed house at the 'Tad Pad' in Oxford, a fan threw ice at Henderson after drawing a charge. It is unclear if the fan was a Ole Miss or Kentucky supporter, although it was speculated the ice thrower was a UK fan upset with the officiating. Henderson took offense to the ice cube being sent in his direction, and then chucked it back towards the student section.

Henderson grabbed the media's attention last April when he signed with the Rebels. He said he was looking forward to facing Kentucky because he wanted to show them who the "real national champ is". Henderson was referring to himself and South Plains College winning the JUCO national title in 2012.

Last weekend, Henderson began waving his jersey at a group of angry Auburn fans following a big road victory for Ole Miss. The Auburn fans responded with profanities and enough middle fingers to think you were back in high school.