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Ole Miss star Marshall Henderson tested positive for cocaine last spring

According to a report from USA Today, Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson's 25-day jail stint last spring was due to a positive drug test that violated his probation. He reportedly tested positive for alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.

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Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

In recent weeks, Ole Miss star Marshall Henderson has become the college basketball player that America loves to watch, hate and talk about. His team doesn't play again until it faces No. 4 Florida on Saturday, but that hasn't kept Henderson from being major news on Wednesday night.

A feature piece from USA Today reveals that Henderson's 25-day jail stint last spring was due to a failed drug test in which he tested positive for alcohol, marijuana and cocaine. The junior guard had been on probation following a 2010 arrest for forgery after he was caught purchasing marijuana with $800 worth of counterfeit money.

The story includes a statement from Ole Miss assistant athletic director Kyle Campbell, who says, "We were aware of the issues from Marshall's past when he signed. Those misdemeanor charges have been addressed through the legal process, and there have been no issues since he has been a part of our program."

Known as much for his excitable on-court antics - check out him angrily chucking ice into the crowd Tuesday night - as his propensity for letting it fly from outside, the rise of Henderson's star has paralleled his team's into the nation's top 20. But with the increase in attention has come some unwanted focus on Henderson's past, one which includes attending four different schools in four years.

Henderson currently leads the SEC in scoring at 19.3 ppg, and is the biggest reason Ole Miss is 17-3 and ranked No. 16 in the country.