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Rutgers transfer Eli Carter immediately eligible for Florida

Eli Carter transferred from Rutgers following the scandal of ex-coach Mike Rice.


Guard Eli Carter was cleared to play immediately at Florida after his transfer from Rutgers, CBS Sports reported on Monday.

Carter transferred from Rutgers following the scandal involving coach Mike Rice's firing in April for physically and verbally abusing players. Carter is the fourth former Rutgers player the NCAA has cleared for 2013-2014 play.

Having his services this year will help the Florida Gators immensely. Although Florida is expected to contend with a deep backcourt, they've taken a few knocks along the way. Starting point guard Scottie Wilbekin is suspended indefinitely for violating team rules and incoming freshman Chris Walker was ruled academically ineligible.

Carter will have plenty of room in the crowded backcourt in Florida. He is able to play both guard positions and is an established scorer, averaging 14.3 points per game during his two years at Rutgers. Florida found that out the hard way in 2011 when Carter dropped 31 points on them in a win for Rutgers.

Usually, the NCAA requires players who transfer to sit out a year, with the most common exemptions coming from hardship waivers. The process, specifically the lack of transparency, has come under fire recently, but the Rutgers situation was a bit different. The NCAA has been consistent in letting the Rutgers players transfer and not punishing them for the transgressions of their coach and the situation there.

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