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Jabari Parker alley-oop vs. Kansas is picture-perfect recreation of Grant Hill's vs. Kansas

They're different players, but the similarities between their two highlight reel moments are incredible.

Jabari Parker has wowed in an incredible game between Duke and Kansas: in front of his hometown crowd in the first marquee game of his Duke career, he had 19 points in the first half, including four threes. But his play of the night was probably this second-half alley-oop from Quinn Cook:


It drew immediate comparisons to a dunk by Grant Hill in the 1991 NCAA Championship game:

Incidentally, that game was also against Kansas. And when you look at this tweet by Will Brinson...

Unbelievable. Yes, Grant got higher. And he was coming from a different angle. But still.

Perhaps we should take a break from comparing one insanely talented player from 20 years ago to another differently talented player now as he tries to fulfill his potential, but the similarities between those images -- even the haircut! -- are insane.

Now, let's go back to focusing on this incredibly fun game between two of the top five teams in the nation. Missed u, college hoops.