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Grinnell's Jack Taylor scores 109 points, averaging 90 a game this season

Taylor's scoring outburst wasn't even the best of his career.


Jack Taylor of Division III Grinnell College scored 109 points against Crossroads in a 173-123 win on Sunday afternoon. After scoring 71 points in the season opener, Taylor's now averaging 90 points a game.

Despite his incredible shooting performance on Sunday, 109 points isn't even his career high. Taylor dropped 138 points in a game last November, setting the all-time D-III individual scoring record.

Taylor's insane shooting numbers are the norm for the team and head coach David Arsenault. They call it "The System" at Grinnell; their game plan is to hurry the ball down the floor and let the 5'10 guard fire away in the first 10 seconds of the shot clock. The results have been mostly positive, with the small Iowa school regularly scoring upwards of 140 points.

With just one player taking nearly every shot, it would be easy for things to get frustrating at times as other players never get a real chance to score. After his 109-point outburst, Taylor tweeted:

Not too shabby for a kid (and an entire team) who's not even on scholarship.

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