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Perry Ellis injury: Kansas forward hit in the head, misses free throw wildly

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Head injuries are terrifying, and a good free throw shooter failing to get a shot in the same zip code as the rim is evidence.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

We hear about concussions in football, we hear about concussions in hockey, but we don't particularly hear about them in basketball. A play by Perry Ellis in Kansas' whooping of Georgetown shows that they do happen.

At the 18:15 mark of the second half, Ellis -- who averages more points than anybody on the team besides Andrew Wiggins and leads the Jayhawks in rebounding -- got inadvertently hammered in the head by the elbow of Nate Lubick:


When he went to the line to shoot his free throws, it didn't go particularly well:


That's a miss by roughly, what, two feet, off to the side of the rim. From a guy who typically shoots 76.7 percent from the line. And in case you didn't get the gist of things, he points straight at his head afterwards, before being taken out for the remainder of the game (which, to be fair, was a blowout).

There's not much basketball can do to prevent head injuries -- obviously, this is a rare thing -- but if you weren't already convinced of how scary they are, please rewatch this woozy dude brick violently.

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