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Maryland beats Duke, fans cause ruckus in College Park

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Maryland fans caused some minor chaos after team's victory over Duke Saturday.


Celebrating the school's win over the No. 2 Duke Blue Devils Saturday, Maryland Terrapins fans became unruly in the streets after the game, resulting in a few arrests for disorderly conduct.

Yasmeen Abutaleb of The Diamondback, Maryland's student newspaper, has a rundown of police blotter items from the hours after the game ended. Among the lowlights - someone tossed a flaming roll of toilet paper into a crowd, a crowd broke down a light pole, resulting in live wires being exposed and several fires were started in trash cans. Students were also stopped while attempting to start a fire at a Jimmy John's.

One student defended starting fires in trash cans because trash cans are better than burning couches, I guess?

"It gives us something to burn and we have bad reputations of burning couches; this way we can burn something and do it basically to celebrate," the student told Abutaleb. "This is a huge win because it's the last time we're playing Duke at home, so it's something I'm going to remember for a really long time."