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Adidas NCAA Tournament jerseys now have sleeves AND Zubaz

The new Adidas college basketball jerseys were unveiled today for Notre Dame, Louisville, UCLA, and more. And they sure are terrible!

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Adidas PR

Louisville, UCLA, and Baylor will wear jerseys with sleeves during the NCAA postseason this year, along with shorts that are technically deemed "camo" but actually look a lot like a Zubaz bathing suit.

Meanwhile, Notre Dame's uniforms fought (and lost) a nasty battle with a green highlighter, while Kansas and Cincinnati successfully reached a truce with the highlighters attacking them, but only after agreeing to wear those stupid bathing suit basketball shorts.

From Adidas PR:

PORTLAND, Ore. (February 28, 2013) – adidas today unveils the new eye-catching adizero uniform system for six of its collegiate teams to wear during the 2013 NCAA basketball postseason. The uniforms feature adidas’ most advanced uniform technologies and a limited-edition camouflage print designed to make an impact on the court.

[...] “The adizero uniform system gives players the leading performance technology with a distinctive on-court style,” said Chris McGuire, adidas Director of Sports Marketing. "The NCAA postseason brings together the best teams in the country and these uniforms celebrate the excitement of the game letting players stand out during college basketball’s biggest moments. These programs will wear the most innovative basketball uniforms and footwear to help them elevate their game during the most important time of the year.”

Designed for a bold on-court look and engineered to enhance player performance by improving fit, comfort and mobility, the adizero short sleeve uniform system is made from 60 percent recycled materials and features FORMOTION technology for comfort and maximum mobility during shooting and dribbling. Jersey armhole insets with 360-degree stretch fabric promote free range of motion for the arms and shoulders.

[...] The uniform’s limited-edition design and coloring is created for this season’s NCAA basketball postseason run. The impact camo pattern is designed to let players stand out on college basketball’s biggest stage, while patches on the jersey backs feature school specific detailing to pay homage to team spirit and pride. Teams will suit up in the adizero uniform systems beginning with conference tournament play March 13-17. Fans can pick up team gear at and campus bookstores.


Releasing the shittiest, most obnoxious uniforms possible is basically its own industry now.

At some point it's gotta stop, right?

I mean, we're talking about it so maybe Adidas thinks they've succeeded. There's definitely 100 different Adidas PR people tracking Darren Rovell's tweets and saying this is getting good TRACTION and going VERY viral. But no, that's not what this is. Nobody wants to dress like Michael Jordan just because people on the Internet talk about his awful cargo pants. Just like nobody wants one of those day-glo Notre Dame jerseys, or the bathing suit basketball shorts, or the T-shirt jerseys, or whatever clunky neon shoes they pair with all of these. So just for the record and for any other shoe companies paying attention, if Adidas is "trending" today, they're trending because they are AWFUL, and we are all talking about how AWFUL it is that Adidas keeps doing shit like this. IT HAS TO STOP.

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