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Xavier falls to Saint Joseph's at the buzzer on missed layup

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Xavier couldn't finish off St. Joe's to move on in the Atlantic 10 conference tournament because the Musketeers missed a super-short layup.

As we get closer to March Madness, you know it's that wonderful time of the year when we get incredibly zany finishes to college basketball games. We already had a wild one in the Atlantic 10 Conference Championship Tournament today with Charlotte and Richmond. Just hours later on the same court, the Xavier Musketeers tried to top it against the St. Joseph's Hawks.

Xavier barely had a chance to win this before the red light went on. Heck, the fact they even made the full-court pass is amazing enough, not to mention that they got a shot attempt out of it.

But to get a gimme layup after all that? It almost seems like fate. But Xavier forward Isaiah Philmore couldn't lay in the short shot, giving Saint Joseph's the victory to move on in the tournament.