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Sim Bhullar says 'Hello, world'

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Meet New Mexico State's 7'5 355 freshman center, who punched the Aggies ticket to the Big Dance on Saturday night with a dominating 16 point, 15 rebound, 5 block performance.


With a 64-55 victory over UT-Arlington in the WAC championship game, New Mexico State instantly became one of the most interesting low seeds in the NCAA Tournament.

That's what happens when you have a 7'5 355 center who isn't a complete stiff. Check out what happens to Jordan Reves, a 6'10 240 center, when Bhullar, a 19-year old from Toronto, gets the ball in the low post:


Forget about taking any easy shots near the basket against him either. After his first several blocks, Bhullar had the UT-Arlington guards throwing up shots like these:


My personal favorite is this gif of Bhullar setting a pick on the Mavericks 5'9 175 guard:


You can't even see No. 12 in the frame for a second!

Bhullar is no Shawn Bradley or Pavel Podkolzine. The whole "can't run up and down a basketball court" thing might be a bit of an issue for him against a team like Louisville, but a half-court squad like Wisconsin better not catch Sim Bhullar in the first round.

Here's the really scary part: Tanveer, his younger brother, is a 7'3 300 high school junior! He was in the stands for this game and New Mexico State is recruiting him.

I, for one, welcome our new Canadian basketball overlords.

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