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2013 NCAA Tournament Selection Committee Chairman Mike Bobinski grilled in CBS interview

The annual unveiling of the NCAA Tournament bracket instantly creates controversy and an often uncomfortable interview with the selection committee chairman. Xavier AD Mike Bobinski was on the hot seat this year.


One of the grand traditions of Selection Sunday is the annual grilling of the NCAA selection committee chairman just minutes after the tournament bracket is unveiled on CBS. This year the honor went to Xavier University Athletic Director Mike Bobinski, who was questioned by Greg Anthony, Doug Gottlieb, and Seth Davis.

The two biggest flashpoints for instant debate are always the No. 1 seeds and the bubble snubs, and that dominated the brief interview with Bobinski. On Saturday, he told CBS that one team had already been locked into the one line. On Sunday, he revealed that team to be Indiana, which ended up with a No. 1 seed in the East Region. "We felt like there was no way they should drop below the four slot," said Bobinski. "They belonged on the top line regardless of the outcome yesterday." His quotes seem to indicate that the Hoosiers were on a path for the No. 1 overall seed, but their Big Ten semifinals loss combined with Louisville's Big East Tournament title resulted in the Cards getting placed in the advantageous Indianapolis regional.

Here's video of the full interview with CBS:

Other topics covered were bubble boy Middle Tennessee's resume against nearby BCS schools Kentucky and Tennessee, Oregon's low 12 seed, and the first round game between Cal and UNLV that's a regular season rematch. Unfortunately, there were no major fireworks compared to years past, although Gottlieb did get a little aggressive and implore Bobinski to "help me out" when it came to understanding Oregon's seeding.

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