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Chasing Cinderella: 2013 March Madness East Region Breakdown

It's time to fill out your brackets, and SB Nation has your complete coverage and commenatary on this year's field. After the release of the bracket Sunday evening, Dan Rubenstein sat down with Coach Nick Hauselman of BBallBreakdown and Rob Manganaro of SB Nation to talk through the tournament, region by region. Here's what the gents had to say about the East Region.

It's time for another regional breakdown from the SB Nation Studios crew, and that means it's time to talk about the Indiana Hoosiers. You still have plenty of time to get your picks in before March Madness begins this week, but you'd be wise to hear what Dan Rubenstein, Nick Hauselman and Rob Manganaro have to say about the East before locking them in.

The East region presents a number of questions to consider starting with the Hoosiers. Some late losses have exposed the former No. 1 team in the country and now they travel to Washington D.C. to run through the early rounds. Is it possible that Syracuse or UNLV can pull off a shocking upset?

The lower half of the bracket will also be fun to watch with Butler coming in as a No. 6 seed and the Miami Hurricanes relegated to No. 2 status even after the tremendous (and surprising) year they enjoyed. Can they make good on their regular season success? And what about Illinois, a team that beat both Gonzaga and Indiana? Catch the full breakdown of the West region to find out all of this and more.