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Buzz Williams, great coach, better dancer

With Marquette's convincing win over Miami, we should remember that Buzz Williams is a damn fine coach. And one hell of a dancer, both in terms of shaking it on the court and, you know, it's a Big Dance pun.


Perhaps you thought Marquette wouldn't do well this NCAA Tournament.

Maybe it was after Marquette needed three miracle threes, an errant Davidson pass, and a game-winning layup to earn a win against the No. 14 seed. Maybe it was after they had to score 47 points in the second half to come from behind to beat Butler 74-72. Maybe you saw a team that couldn't shoot, couldn't win away from home, lost their first Big East tournament game to Notre Dame and thought they were doomed in a neutral site tournament.

Well, if you thought that, you were wrong. They're in the Elite Eight, the farthest Williams has ever gotten them. They just beat down Miami - the final score was ten, but, well, they were up by over 15 for the vast majority of the second half.

And this is your weekly reminder that Buzz Williams is an absolute trollmaster. This was him on the court after beating West Virginia by one point, being taken home by country roads:


You could argue Marquette's first NCAA Tournament win was luck. 39 minutes of sub-par play bailed out by some ridiculous shots and superior athletes getting the job done in the full-court press. You could argue the same about their second win, as the team held on for dear life against the Bulldogs.

Against Miami? Sure, some of Marquette's early lead that held throughout the game was just due to Miami shooting and clanging, going 1-for-12 from beyond the arc in the first half. But that was also part of an awesome gameplan by Williams. With Reggie Johnson out, Williams had his defenders hound the ballhandler - generally Miami's star, Shane Larkin - trapping aggressively on any screen and forcing him to give the ball up. They asked the Hurricanes to either hit open threes or push the ball into the paint instead of letting Larkin create, and it worked beautifully. Miami's offense wouldn't show up until they were down 20.

Never doubt Buzz Williams' knowledge of basketball. Dude never played. He wasn't at the team at Navarro College, a junior college in his home state of Texas. He just hung around the team so much they started calling him "Buzz" because he was always buzzing around the squad.

And he didn't play at Oklahoma City College, where he finished up his college and got his first assistant coaching gig. He steadily moved up the coaching ladder - Texas-Arlington, Texas A&M-Kingsville, Northwestern State, Colorado State, regular ol' Texas A&M, then taking a head coaching job at New Orleans. After one year, he joined Tom Crean's staff at Marquette, and after one year there, Crean left, and the 35-year-old Williams took over.

In his five years, he's been a quiet success. They've made the tournament every year - something Crean couldn't boast, despite his Final Four trip in 2003. And now, he's got them one game away from matching Crean's greatest achievement.

Well, maybe not a quiet success. You've seen his wild sideline gesticulations.After beating Butler, a dance Anonymous Eagle used as a celebratory thread:Buzzdance_medium

The full show at West Virginia:

And, well, whatever this dunk celebration is:

So what was up with the team's early struggles in this tournament? Maybe we should chalk it up to more Buzz Williams trolling. Buzztroll2_medium