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Louisville, Duke players distraught after Ware injury

Emotions ran high after a violent injury to Louisville guard Kevin Ware.

Kevin Ware suffered a brutal-looking leg injury in the first half of Louisville's Elite Eight game against Duke and needed to be stretchered off the floor, causing a huge stoppage in play and triggering huge emotion from his Louisville teammates.

You could tell Ware's injury was horrible as soon as it happened -- we're gonna go ahead and not show it to you; it's really not the type of injury that's typical in a basketball game -- but I think you can pretty much gauge how bad it was from the reactions of his teammates and coach Rick Pitino:

Playersreact_medium Russhurt_medium



Even Duke's players knew it was bad:


The sophomore guard isn't a huge part of what Louisville does, as he averaged just 4.6 points per game, but he'd played a big role with 11 points in a Sweet 16 win over Oregon and nine points on just three shots against Syracuse in the Big East Championship game. He'd finished an and-1 earlier in the game, but his game and tournament are over - hopefully, he can one day resume his career.

The Cardinals were up, 21-20, at the time of the injury, and will need to regroup emotionally and earn a Final Four bid for their fallen teammate.