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Rutgers assistant Jimmy Martelli resigns after Mike Rice fallout

The latest domino has fallen in the Rutgers scandal. Assistant coach Jimmy Martelli has resigned after it was revealed he was also involved in the abuse of players.


The fallout from the Mike Rice scandal at Rutgers is only starting to be felt. On Wednesday, assistant coach Jimmy Martelli resigned, just one day after Rice was fired for physical and verbal abuse of his players during practice.

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In a 40-minute long video provided to ESPN, it was revealed that Martelli was also involved in the abuse of players. He was shown shoving an unidentified player in a segment of the video that was not aired on television. Rutgers athletic director Tom Pernetti addressed Martelli's resignation in a brief statement:

"Jimmy was spoken to about the matter. We dealt with that. Certainly the tape focused on Mike, but it brought some other things to light that we dealt with at the same time that we dealt with Mike."

Martelli was part of Rice's coaching staff at Robert Morris for three seasons before following his boss to Rutgers after the 2010 season.

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