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Eric Murdock files wrongful termination suit against Rutgers

Eric Murdock, who brought Mike Rice's behavior to the forefront, believes that he was fired without cause by Rutgers.

Andy Marlin

Eric Murdock, the whistle-blowing assistant in the Rutgers basketball scandal, is seeking nearly a million dollars from the school for wrongful termination (via after he brought light to Mike Rice's physical and verbal abuse of players.

Murdock, who was the director of player development for the Scarlet Knights, compiled video of Rice's mistreatment of the basketball team. The school says that Murdock's contract was simply not renewed. Murdock says he was fired, officially for attending his son's basketball camp instead of one run by Rice, but perhaps due to his role in trying to expose Rice's behavior.

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Although Murdock was only making $70,000 a year at Rutgers, his suit seeks $950,000 for damages and for attorney fees. The suit was filed Friday in Essex County court.

If Murdock was indeed fired, it would be somewhat damning for Rutgers' administration. It seems the school opted not to fire Rice when they decided they couldn't provide cause to fire him. The fact that they might have given somebody else the axe without cause when Rice was initially retained makes their misstep even less understandable.

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