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Michigan vs. Louisville: Chris Webber shows up to National Championship game

The whole Fab Five is at the National Title game to watch their alma mater take on Louisville.

There was some speculation about whether or not Chris Webber would show up to Monday night's national title game, and now we know: the Fab Five member is indeed in attendance, as CBS captured him stepping out of his car at the Georgia Dome, sporting a nice beanie from the Tim Hardaway, Sr. school of fashion.


So that means all members of the Fab Five are there -- Jalen Rose is there with ESPN, Juwan Howard somehow made it despite still -- STILL -- being on the Miami Heat, and Ray Jackson and Jimmy King took a break from whatever they're doing to make it. Nice to see that Webber's over a mistake he made 20 years ago, even if various denizens of the Internet aren't.

No word on what Glen Rice and guys who were on the Michigan team that actually won a title are doing. Well, Rumeal Robinson is still in prison, but besides him.

Update: Webber Tweeted about it!