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Michigan vs. Louisville: Trey Burke blocks Peyton Siva, called for foul

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Trey Burke had an amazing block on a Peyton Siva dunk attempt, but the referees didn't think it was so amazing.

The national championship game is starting to slip away from Michigan, and the referees aren't helping: Trey Burke made one of the nastiest guard-on-guard blocks you'll see, and it got called a foul.

Here's the play, one of many end-to-end highlights in the last few minutes:


Peyton Siva can absolutely get up, and Burke - who was in foul trouble earlier in the game - saw Siva on the break and went up and decided to make the play anyway. He did, but it didn't pay off. The whistle blew, and Siva nailed both free throws.

Burke knew it was a great play right away, and he let the referees know it:


Michigan trailed by five after the free throws and now trail by eight at the under-four-timeout. They'll need some more Trey Burke heroics - ones that don't get incorrectly called fouls, at least - if they want to win their first national title since 1989.