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NCAA Tournament 2013: Barack Obama's bracket, revisited

Barack Obama's bracket ended up being just as bad as that of everyone else. Some were worse than others.


Barack Obama's bracket weathered some early storms, but ultimately the president of the United States ended up looking like just as much of a college hoops amateur as the rest of us.

President Obama correctly predicted just one Final Four team -- Louisville -- and missed on three Elite Eight teams. His worst selection was Wisconsin; Obama picked the Badgers, who were ousted in the first round by Ole Miss, to advance to the West Regional Final. The West Region was plain bad for the president altogether, as he incorrectly predicted six second-round contests.


As rough as the president's predictions turned out, they don't hold a candle to the atrocity known as Digger Phelps' bracket -- a sheet so bad it has its own website.

Phelps went against the grain from the start, as he was one of only three analysts from ESPN, Sports Illustrated, CBS and USA Today to pick the eventual champions to lose before the Final Four (via Card Chronicle). He further one-upped everyone by not just picking the Cardinals to lose in the Elite Eight, as ESPN's Jay Williams and USA Today's Scott Gleeson predicted, but had Louisville losing to St. Louis in the Sweet 16.

The Billikens didn't even make it that far, of course, losing to Oregon in the third round. At least the Cardinals almost fell in the Sweet 16, though -- right?

Other bad celebrity brackets

Michael Bourn, Cleveland Indians outfielder: Bourn correctly picked three Elite Eight teams -- Duke, Ohio State and Marquette -- but went 0-for-4 with his Final Four selections.

Hunter Mahan, PGA Tour golfer: The Oklahoma State alum wouldn't reveal how far he thought his Cowboys would go in this video, but he only got one Final Four pick right, hitting on Louisville and missing on Gonzaga, Georgetown and Miami. At least Mahan correctly predicted the Cardinals to win it all.

Charles Manson, mass murderer: Charlie picked Louisville to win it all, but forgot to fill out the rest of his bracket (via Thing X). Oops.

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