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Louisville wins 2013 NCAA championship, in photos

Louisville won its first national title since 1986. Let's take a look at the best celebration photos.


On Monday night, the Louisville Cardinals defeated the Michigan Wolverines 72-86 to win the 2013 NCAA National Championship. It's Louisville's third title in school history, the first one since 1986, and the second one in coach Rick Pitino's career.

Naturally, emotions ran high, confetti rained from the ceiling and "One Shining Moment" belted out of the speakers as the team and fans celebrated. To cap off the night, let's take a look at some of the best photos taken of the postgame festivities, courtesy of USA Today.


Richard Mackson - USA Today Sports


Richard Mackson - USA Today Sports


Bob Donnan - USA Today Sports


Bob Donnan - USA Today Sports


Bob Donnan - USA Today Sports


Bob Donnan - USA Today Sports

And, of course, no photo montage would be complete without showing off the agony of defeat in an oddly beautiful moment of photography. With that in mind, here's Trey Burke wondering what's going on around him.


Daniel Shirley - USA Today Sports

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