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Rutgers coach Eddie Jordan taking classes to receive degree

Eddie Jordan is working toward his degree at Rutgers. The former NBA head coach has described the decision as "a rewarding experience."

Rich Schultz

Eddie Jordan, the new head coach of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, is currently enrolled in two classes at the school and plans to earn enough credits to receive his degree, according to's Brendan Prunty.

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Jordan decided to return to classes after a report last month leaked the news that the former NBA head coach did not actually graduate from Rutgers -- despite the university claiming otherwise on its website when announcing the hire. Jordan is working toward a degree in Labor Studies and Employment Relations because the major he initially pursued while in college, Health and Physical Education, no longer exists at Rutgers.

Nevertheless, the longtime coach is apparently pleased to be taking classes and working toward finishing what he started, he told Prunty:

"It's been a rewarding experience. It's been fun, it really has. The classes I've been taking have involved a lot of group processes, so that's been very interesting. Some of the people know who I am and some don't — and that's nice."

Jordan was hired as the new coach for the Scarlet Knights' men's basketball program after former coach Mike Rice was dismissed in April amid a player abuse scandal. The scandal also cost athletic director Tim Pernetti his job and has raised many other questions around the school's athletic programs.