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Marshall Henderson may seek rehab after drug suspension, per report

Marshall Henderson might be ready to seek treatment after his latest bout with drug abuse.


Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson might be heading to a rehabilitation center after he was suspended indefinitely for a failed drug test, Gary Parrish of CBS Sports reported on Wednesday.

Marshall was suspended earlier Wednesday for violating team rules, which ended up being a failed drug test. It isn't Henderson's first run-in with drugs either, as he tested positive for cocaine, marijuana and alcohol while on probation for a previous crime.

The brash guard helped lead Ole Miss to the third round of the NCAA Tournament, averaging 20.1 points per game last season. He became known for being unafraid to take the big shot as well as his tendency to antagonize on the court.

After Marshall had cemented himself in the collective consciousness of college hoops viewers, Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy said in a statement he had hoped Marshall would take on a greater leadership role with the team. Whether or not he even has a role with the team next year is now up in the air.

"With that comes greater responsibility, and he must do a better job of living up to the high standard we expect from him and he desires from himself."

It isn't necessarily a done deal that Henderson's time is finished with Ole Miss. Sometimes players are allowed back on teams after atoning for their mistakes, but Henderson is also a bit different than most players. As Rodger Sherman of SB Nation writes, this is hardly Henderson's first run in with problems, and it might be the time Ole Miss washes their hands of his presence.

Rehabilitation also requires focus, strength and most of all maturity -- something Henderson is oft criticized of not having very much of. Ole Miss football player Denzel Nkemdiche posted a video to Instagram asking for Henderson's thoughts on the day, to which Henderson appeared to reply, "Sadness, ho," and then smiled to the camera. The video has since been removed, and Nkemdiche claimed his account was hacked.