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Manhattan ties UMass on buzzer-beating dunk

99 times out of 100, fouling up three is the right idea. For UMass, it went wrong in spectacular fashion (although they Minutemen would win in OT)

UMass fouled up three with two seconds left in their marathon tip-off game against Manhattan, and it seemed like it would pay off. Manhattan's FT shooter hit the first and missed intentionally so badly it missed the rim. A successful inbounds would've given UMass the win. Instead, they turned it over with a bad inbounds pass... and then allowed this play with .8 seconds:

That's Manhattan's Rich Williams on the huge slam and high step off the court. We think he might've thought he won the game?

Despite the spectacular play, UMass would bounce back for the win in overtime, so their end-of-game errors didn't cost them too badly.