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Skal Labissiere's high school team canceled a game because he was sick

The strange story of Skal Labissiere's high school career keeps getting weirder.

via @OneBigHaitian

Most recently in Skal Labissiere news: the five-star big man in the class of 2015 said he was playing for a school that may or may not exist after his transfer appeal was denied by the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association. Now, that purported school -- Reach Your Dream Prep, or the same non-profit organization that brought Labissiere to the United States from Haiti -- has canceled its first game because Labissiere is sick with an upper respiratory illness.

Which raises the question:

As John Martin of ESPN 92.9 in Memphis notes, nothing is known about Reach Your Dream Prep other than that the team will feature Labissiere and Labissiere's guardian, Gerald Hamilton, will serve as the coach. As for who else is on the team? No one is really sure. The game was supposed to be played against Memphis Mustangs at Mid-America Baptist Seminary. Martin reports that Reach Your Dream Prep does not have a home gym and is having trouble finding gym time.

Labissiere's high school eligibility has been in danger since he transferred from Evangelical Christian to Lausanne Collegiate School for his senior season earlier this year. The state athletic association ruled Labissiere ineligible because it deemed he transferred purely for athletic reasons. Ever since, one of the best high school basketball players in the world has been scrambling to figure out if he can play basketball this season.

This is a big deal because Labissiere is being courted by Memphis, Kentucky, North Carolina, Baylor, Tennessee and Georgetown. If his high school eligibility is in shambles, you can bet the NCAA is going to have a lot of questions about his college eligibility. Emmanuel Mudiay likely decided to play in China instead of at SMU in part because the NCAA would have poked holes in his time at Prime Prep High School in Dallas, just as it did with another Prime Prep alum, LSU forward Jordan Mickey. Prime Prep looks like it's on the up-and-up compared to Reach Your Dream Prep.

Labissiere has mentioned he's considered playing overseas instead of going to college. That's looking more and more likely as his current and future eligibility continues to be in question.