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NC State's game-winner vs. Wofford waved off for being juuuuuuuuuuuust late

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NC State's players and fans went wild celebrating Trevor Lacey's game-winner ... and then the refs reviewed it. And they lost to Wofford.

It looked like Trevor Lacey had given NC State a win over Wofford with a spectacular buzzer-beating running three:

Everybody went crazy!

Then the refs went to review the shot, and ... ohhhhhh nooooo:

It was soooooooooooo close, but the ball was clearly in Lacey's hands. The basket was wiped off, and instead of a 57-55 win, NC State had a 55-54 loss. Lacey's face after the call says it all:

It's a great win for the Terriers, who aren't that bad, actually. They're ranked No. 74 on KenPom, and are 8-2 with losses to Stanford and William & Mary. But it's a rough blow for the Wolfpack -- even if Wofford isn't so bad, people will view this as a "bad loss."