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North Florida loses to Tennessee Tech by 2 after pregame dunking technical

Reminder: The NCAA hates fun.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

If you dunk in the 20 minutes before the game starts, you will get assessed a technical foul. We wrote about this when it happened during the NCAA Tournament. North Florida dunked in the warmups before its game against Tennessee Tech:

Fast forward a few hours, and -- oh no:

Poor Ospreys. They just came off a win against Purdue at Purdue, and were actually leading by nine at halftime, but their final margin of defeat was two points. And it all comes back to the two free points they gave away just so they could have fun in warmups.

Why is this rule on the books? Long story: because the NCAA feels it's unsportsmanlike for people to do cool sports things before sports games. Short story, from that post from the NCAA Tournament

Does the NCAA hate fun?

Yes. You knew this already.