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Texas Southern beats Kansas State in unlikeliest end-of-game win ever

Let Kansas State show you how to lose a basketball game you absolutely should not lose.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Southern got its second impressive win in slightly more than a week, taking down Kansas State, 58-56, eight days after beating No. 25 Michigan State. That in itself would be news, but this win was about as unlikely of a win as you'll see all season, especially considering the Wildcats led by four, 56-52, with 3.8 seconds left.

Those final 3.8 seconds were a nearly impossibly good example of how to lose a basketball game. Here's how it happened:

  1. Kansas State fouled Texas Southern's Tonnie Collier on a three-pointer with 3.8 seconds left.
  2. Collier made the first two free throws, then missed the third, allowing the Tigers to get the put-back and tie the game up. That is absolutely perfect execution of a play that probably fails 99 percent of the time.
  3. This gave K-State a chance to inbound the ball with 0.9 seconds remaining and throw up a desperation heave to avoid overtime. However, the Wildcats threw the ball out of bounds untouched on the inbound pass, giving Texas Southern a chance to win it from its own end.
  4. TSU's Jason Carter got the inbound pass and scored on a jumper in the paint as time expired to win the game.

For some reason, K-State's home clock operator started the clock late, but it didn't matter, as the refs confirmed the shot should count.

And that, without a doubt, is the worst way you can ever lose a game.

(H/T College Basketball Talk)