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Florida lost to Florida State in the worst way possible

To understand just how insane the ending of Florida-Florida State was, you need to go back one possession earlier.

Florida State led by two when Florida took a timeout with 22 seconds left. Gators point guard Kasey Hill broke down the FSU defense and hit freshman wing Devin Robinson in the corner for an open three. Robinson missed the shot and the ball careened out past the arc. That's where Jacob Kurtz tracked down the loose ball and got it back to Hill, who threw a game-tying alley-oop to Dorian Finney-Smith with nine seconds remaining.

FSU inbounded with three seconds left, and yes, Kurtz was the player who tipped in Florida State's shot to give the Seminoles the win. Florida never would have been in this position without Kurtz, but that probably isn't much consolation to the young man at the moment. What a way to lose.

Florida State wins, 65-63.