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Baylor sets new record for terrible late-game possessions vs. Oklahoma State

Almost anything could've led to a Baylor win in regulation over Oklahoma State. Instead:

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor coach Scott Drew can't live down his reputation. His Baylor teams have annually drawn disappointing results out of talented rosters. But the Bears looked to have earned a win over Oklahoma State, leading by three points with three seconds left and the ball.

And then they outdid themselves:

Gary Franklin tossed the ball ... well ... somewhere, and Leyton Hammonds happily scooped the ball up and tossed it into the hoop to send the game into OT. Note the immediate facepalm by Franklin.

Here are the things they could've done:

1) Throw the ball to literally anybody on Baylor.

2) Throw the ball in such a way that the ball would be deflected by anybody on either team, making the chances of a OK State player recovering the ball and shooting a three unlikely.

3) Throw the ball to the other end of the court and let any player on either team touch it, causing the clock to expire well before anybody could get it into reasonable shooting range.

Instead, the ball was thrown to an OK State player already in three-point range. And that's how the game got to OT.

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