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Aaron Craft's buzzer-beater attempt at the end of Ohio State-Michigan was less than ideal

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Aaron Craft Just Knows How To Let The Ball Slip Out Of His Hands While He Shoots

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Did you know that Aaron Craft is a Winner? That he just Knows How To Win? It's nice to Know How To Win, but its also nice to know how to throw a ball towards a basketball hoop with your arms.

A common belief of internet denizens is that I hate Aaron Craft. I don't! I think Aaron Craft is an average-to-above-average player, perhaps even the best guard on Ohio State, which is a very good basketball team! (I think Shannon Scott is better, but that's just me.)

But there's a mythos that surrounds him that he is the Most Clutch, Plays The Game The Right Way human being ever to live. In the Big Ten semifinal against That School Up North, the Buckeyes battled back from a pair of double-digit deficits to make it close in the late going. Spike Albrecht missed a free throw that could've extended the Wolverines' lead to four, and Craft grabbed the board and took it back the other way. This one was on him. He'd hit it, or he'd miss it.

He missed it:


Well, "missed it" is a bit generous -- it slipped out of his hands before he could really shoot it -- but whatever. Michigan goes on to the Big Ten Tournament final.