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Printable NCAA bracket 2014: Fill out your picks with our bracket

With Selection Sunday over, the 2014 NCAA Tournament bracket is now complete. SB Nation is providing printable brackets this year for your own convenience and enjoyment. Download a PDF version of it here.

Click here to find your printable bracket for the 2015 NCAA Tournament.



SB Nation 2014 NCAA March Madness Coverage

The 2014 NCAA Tournament bracket is now set, and it's time for sports fans around the nation to make their picks and fill out their office pools. This is the one week each year that workers actually enjoy filling out spreadsheets.

Bracket pools have become an annual tradition in America, and over the years enough trends have emerged that even the most casual college hoops fan can devise a strategy for his or her picks. There are a handful of easy tips to follow if you want to win your pool.

  • A No. 12 seed usually beats a No. 5 seed.
  • Pick the teams with hyphenated names. You'll get at least one of them right.
  • Don't trust Pittsburgh.
  • Pundits will spend the whole week talking up a mid-major team that's sure to go all the way, only to see it flame out in the Sweet Sixteen. This year's most obvious choice is Wichita State, but the Shockers actually made the Final Four last year and could do so again, so just go with Gonzaga again.
  • The champion will usually be a boring No. 1 seed that most people saw coming, so don't get too cute with your Final Four picks.

To help you out with your picks, SB Nation is providing a printable bracket once again this year. Follow the links below to print them out -- preferably multiple copies to distribute to your co-workers. Happy bracketing, and at least pretend like you're getting work done over the next few weeks.