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Dick Vitale has a Tony Bennett story about a stripper named Toni Bennett

With an I, not a Y.

There are a lot of reasons why March is the best time of the year on the sports calendar, but one sleeper (basketball term) candidate for the wonders of college basketball this month is because it means having a lot of Dick Vitale in your life.

The veteran ESPN broadcaster only gets better with age. The man has quickly become a Twitter legend for his pop cultural commentary, and the announcement of the field of 68 only gives Dickie V. more air time and a bigger audience. This is never a bad thing.

Case in point: Vitale telling a story about Virginia coach Tony Bennett meeting another person sharing his name. That would be a stripper whose name ends in an I, not a Y. The best part might be the smile on Vitale's face when he done talking, like a kid who knows he just said something out of bounds but doesn't really care.

That is Dick Vitale and this is March. It's only getting better from here.