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Riot police shoot beanbags and tear gas at students following Arizona loss

Tucson turned into a scene on Saturday night following the Arizona Wildcats' loss in the Elite 8.

Top-seeded Arizona's season ended in something close to an instant classic against No. 2 Wisconsin in the Elite 8 on Saturday night, and Tucson reacted in a way not completely unexpected from a college town. Students flooded into the streets of the second biggest city in Arizona, many possibly intoxicated from a party that probably started hours before the game.

Surprise! Local law enforcement did not appreciate this. The cops lined the streets with a fairly substantial force and told people to leave. When they didn't, police went to some pretty extreme measures, reportedly using pepper balls, tasers, tear gas and beanbag guns to clear the streets.

The entire situation makes for a pretty wild scene described by a few reporters. Here's the story, from the beginning ...

... all the way through.

You're going to regret this, Bike Guy.

At this point, things were about to start escalating.

An now an update from Bike Guy:

The cops weren't just out in Tucson. Badgers fans saw them in Madison, too.

People in Madison were apparently burning couches and created a scene that looked like this:

But there weren't reports of anything close to the force the Tucson police used. Are sad drunks that more dangerous than happy drunks?

Update: Here's video of someone being taken down after appearing to challenge the police, followed by the police shooting the crowd with beanbags.