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PHOTOS: Check out Illinois' new uniforms

Pictures of the Fighting Illini's new uniforms have hit the internet.

The Chicago Homer

The new uniforms for the Illinois Fighting Illini were leaked on Tuesday, via the Nike webiste. Our Illinois blog The Champaign Room has a full look at next season's threads across basketball, football, volleyball and soccer sports before they're officially announced on Wednesday.

The uniforms, designed by Nike, stay true to the cause of previous Illinois uniforms. One notable difference is that the basketball jerseys now have consistent font across all three colors, with the white jerseys no longer being the only ones with "Illini" emblazoned on the front.

The football uniforms:

The basketball jerseys:

You can find full reaction at The Champaign Room and continued coverage as the uniforms are announced on Wednesday. So far, Illinois fans seem to like what they're seeing:

Okay, so I have my opinions and I'm sure you have yours, but I hope everybody can agree that these are at the very least an improvement. I absolutely love the basketball uniforms. They're clean, modern, and cool. Those three words seem to fit perfectly in my mind. I think some people will object to the bi-color lettering on the white uniform, but personally I am a fan.

The Champaign Room has a Q&A with the school's assistant AD on the thought process behind the redesign.