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Kentucky vs. UConn, 2014 NCAA Tournament championship live chat

The 2014 national championship will be decided on Monday night. Let's talk about it.

Ronald Martinez

Kentucky vs. UConn for the 2014 NCAA Tournament national championship. Let's talk about it.

Ricky O'Donnell [11:24 PM]:

OK, closing this up! Thanks for hanging out, everyone.

Clay Wendler [11:23 PM]:

David Roth [11:23 PM]:

This was fun. Thanks for letting me hang out/listen to Brass Bonanza a second time.

NBSP [11:20 PM]:

@Clay Wendler Looks like Cirque du Soleil

David Roth [11:20 PM]:

Man, really enjoying this listen to Brass Bonanza.

NBSP [11:20 PM]:

And with that, UConn ends its oppressive championship drought.

Clay Wendler [11:19 PM]:

David Roth [11:19 PM]:

Very nice!

Charlie Gebow [11:18 PM]:


Luke Zimmermann [11:18 PM]:

Kentucky Tattoo Guy IT
Derek the RA BEGINS

Charlie Gebow [11:17 PM]:

Almost time for the Nantz line

David Roth [11:17 PM]:

Being 19 and incredibly nervous?

Mike Rutherford [11:17 PM]:

What in the world was Kentucky doing?

Luke Zimmermann [11:16 PM]:

This is going to be an insane final 60 seconds for Derek the RA.

Mike Rutherford [11:16 PM]:

That headdress thing in the UConn student section is extraordinary.

Ricky O'Donnell [11:15 PM]:

/breathes into paper bag

Luke Zimmermann [11:14 PM]:


Luke Zimmermann [11:12 PM]:

That offensive rebound…

Ricky O'Donnell [11:12 PM]:

Kentucky has been playing with fire since the round of 32. If they can really do this again, they definitely earned it.

Drichusaf [11:12 PM]:

A pump fake!!!

Tyler Tynes [11:09 PM]:

@Clefo agreed agreed

Drichusaf [11:09 PM]:

Is there a stat for most “and 1’s” in a NCAA tournament?

David Roth [11:07 PM]:

Ha, Boatright getting RIO’ed.

Luke Zimmermann [11:07 PM]:

Drichusaf [11:06 PM]:

UConn needs to be up by 4 in the last minute or I won’t feel comfortable.

Paul Flannery [11:06 PM]:

Shabazz yelling at Boatright like he’s Mario Chlamers.

Mike Rutherford [11:06 PM]:

Freshman mistake

Luke Zimmermann [11:06 PM]:


Charlie Gebow [11:05 PM]:

@Tyler Ricky Tynes Well, of game time. I’m guessing at least 15 in a close game

Tyler Tynes [11:05 PM]:

Five minutes of college basketball left guys, #SadFace

NBSP [11:04 PM]:

I think UConn should jack up threes for the rest of the game. I’d like my D1 coaching job, please

Luke Zimmermann [11:04 PM]:

Those 3’s after that long cold spell was like being frozen in 1940 and coming to in a world where a shot was worth three points.

Mike Rutherford [11:04 PM]:

@Paul Flannery No

David Roth [11:03 PM]:

Paul Flannery [11:03 PM]:

I can’t be the only one who hopes Cal trips over that stool.

NBSP [11:01 PM]:


NBSP [11:00 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann In related news, the 30 mpg my car gets would be good for tops in the nation in ’52

Mike Rutherford [10:58 PM]:

Feel free to run something, UConn.

Luke Zimmermann [10:57 PM]:


NBSP [10:56 PM]:

Pffft, he should’ve dunked that

Jimmy Kelley [10:56 PM]:

Kentucky is going to make so much money off that poster that Young will never see a penny of #NCAA

Charlie Gebow [10:55 PM]:

Everyone was al like after that Young dunk

David Roth [10:55 PM]:

Cool of Young to make sure three UConn dudes get to be on that poster with him.

David Roth [10:54 PM]:

Clay Wendler [10:52 PM]:

NBSP [10:52 PM]:

De…fense? What’s that?

David Roth [10:52 PM]:

James Young in the Eric Bledsoe Periodic Awesome Dunksmith role tonight.

Paul Flannery [10:51 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann They have a few yes.

Jimmy Kelley [10:51 PM]:

@Clay Wendler That GIF should follow Terrence Samuel for the rest of his days.

Ricky O'Donnell [10:51 PM]:

That’s a slam dunk, alright.

Luke Zimmermann [10:50 PM]:

@Paul Flannery Anybody in this game capable of playing at the next level? Kentucky doesn’t have anyone do they?

Clay Wendler [10:50 PM]:

NBSP [10:50 PM]:

And with that, Kentucky thunderously declared: YES, we WILL be scoring 55 points in this game

ian.barrett.9 [10:49 PM]:

Kick ball?????

jokastrength [10:49 PM]:

I had a dude dunk on me like that… kid was in 8th grade. I knew I wasn’t going to make the varsity team pretty quickly.

David Roth [10:49 PM]:

Ugh, @Paul Flannery, don’t ruin the moment.

Peter Woodburn [10:49 PM]:


Paul Flannery [10:49 PM]:

That was a cool thing that just happened!

Tyler Tynes [10:49 PM]:

holy shit

AIR_istotle [10:49 PM]:

I just screamed

Ricky O'Donnell [10:49 PM]:

“wwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” — my living room, approximately

Jimmy Kelley [10:48 PM]:


Charlie Gebow [10:48 PM]:


ian.barrett.9 [10:48 PM]:


David Roth [10:48 PM]:


Luke Zimmermann [10:48 PM]:


ian.barrett.9 [10:48 PM]:

Why randle why!!

Drichusaf [10:47 PM]:

46-39 uconn

Ricky O'Donnell [10:47 PM]:

@brownta04 46-39 UConn, under 12 left.

brownta04 [10:46 PM]:

Don’t have the game right now bout to sleep, anyone got a score?

Luke Zimmermann [10:45 PM]:

President Clinton saw some actual offense and was like:

Tim Riordan [10:45 PM]:

@Clay Wendler But there might have been a second charger behind the grassy knoll

David Roth [10:44 PM]:

Cam_Newton [10:43 PM]:

That’s seriously the first three I’ve seen Giffey make all tournament long. He has been ice cold up to then.

Jimmy Kelley [10:43 PM]:

More like Ryan-JET-right!

Jimmy Kelley [10:43 PM]:

Jumper goes in!

Clay Wendler [10:42 PM]:

Luke Zimmermann [10:41 PM]:


Drichusaf [10:41 PM]:

Randle is the LeBron of college basketball. If he’s close he’s getting the foul call.

Charlie Gebow [10:41 PM]:

@NBSP Assistant coaches Shaq and Aaron Gordon

David Roth [10:41 PM]:


David Roth [10:40 PM]:

Ha, Mike that’s exactly what I just said in my living room. Getting really collegiate all of a sudden.

Jimmy Kelley [10:40 PM]:

@Clefo That one has been vacated by the NCAA

Mike Rutherford [10:40 PM]:

@Clefo The Dexter finale of championship games.

Ricky O'Donnell [10:40 PM]:

This game ruled before all of the fouls + zone

NBSP [10:40 PM]:

I think Dwight Howard has been coaching Kentucky on their free throws

Charlie Gebow [10:40 PM]:

Still not as ugly as UConn-Butler

Mike Rutherford [10:39 PM]:

Look like a 7 and an 8 seed out there playing.

Clay Wendler [10:39 PM]:

AIR_istotle [10:39 PM]:

Oh Poythress wanted that “ball don’t lie” moment so badly

NBSP [10:38 PM]:

@Clefo the Vlade Divac school of basketball

David Roth [10:38 PM]:

Ginobili is at home doing the Citizen Kane clap.

Charlie Gebow [10:38 PM]:

Floppity flop flop

David Roth [10:38 PM]:

That was a pro-grade flop, right there.

Ricky O'Donnell [10:38 PM]:

Man, that is a tough call on Poythress.

Mike Rutherford [10:37 PM]:

In two hours, a thousand stories will tell us whether that shove was a leadership move or a sign of unraveling.

NBSP [10:35 PM]:

@DavidRoth tautologies, followed by opinion polls

AIR_istotle [10:33 PM]:

That euro step

thepatriotway12 [10:32 PM]:

Napier a beast

Luke Zimmermann [10:32 PM]:

Jimmy Kelley [10:32 PM]:

@DavidRoth bullshit?

Mike Rutherford [10:31 PM]:

Brimah with 3 is big/

David Roth [10:30 PM]:

Man, what is the tier below tidbit?

Charlie Gebow [10:30 PM]:

@Drichusaf #illuminati

Drichusaf [10:30 PM]:

Kentucky gassed, let’s review something.

NBSP [10:29 PM]:

@DavidRoth but it’s not even a tidbit: by definition Kentucky has to be undefeated in this tournament!!!

Ricky O'Donnell [10:29 PM]:

Kentucky: still very large.

David Roth [10:28 PM]:

Thin line between “stat” and “random tidbit with numbers in it.”

Addison Ryan [10:28 PM]:

Gotta use the basket as a blocker there, go up and under

Jimmy Kelley [10:28 PM]:

Phil Nolan needs to go to the Ralph Willard School of Shot Fakes

NBSP [10:28 PM]:

Best stat ever: Kentucky is 4-0 this tournament when trailing at the half. Thanks for the crack analysis CBS

Tyler Tynes [10:26 PM]:

Harrison hits a three from his fave spot, precursor?

Mike Rutherford [10:25 PM]:

All of the “don’t let him shoot from there” tweets.

AIR_istotle [10:25 PM]:

Dr. John Calipari, endowed professor of 18 year old psychology

David Roth [10:25 PM]:

Luke Zimmermann [10:25 PM]:

Randle’s actually 19 lulz

David Roth [10:25 PM]:

Really enjoying the halftime programming.

Addison Ryan [10:25 PM]:

Cals players do something good: “they have grown up” Cal’s players not playing well “lol they 18”

60Rock [10:24 PM]:

But not one? Not one foul. Ridiculous. And, no, not a UConn fan

Peter Woodburn [10:24 PM]:

Cal said “he’s 18” way too creepy there

60Rock [10:23 PM]:

20 minutes. Sorry

60Rock [10:23 PM]:

40 minutes and not one UK starter with a foul????

Jimmy Kelley [10:18 PM]:

Seth Davis with all of the horseracing metaphors

thepatriotway12 [10:16 PM]:

Ya dougie

Ricky O'Donnell [10:16 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann I like how Katz called him a “Winner” the other day. Never made it past the round of 32!

AIR_istotle [10:16 PM]:

Well done TCU

Luke Zimmermann [10:15 PM]:

Doug McDermott
Naismith Awards 1
Sweet 16s 0

Ricky O'Donnell [10:15 PM]:

that would be the other Cal classic

Ricky O'Donnell [10:15 PM]:

Clay Wendler [10:14 PM]:

Addison Ryan [10:13 PM]:

@Ricky O’Donnell #RiotsForJesus

Luke Zimmermann [10:12 PM]:

An oldie but a goodie:

Ricky O'Donnell [10:12 PM]:

We know how those parties usually go:

Addison Ryan [10:11 PM]:

@DavidRoth I’m sure it’s the wildest party on campus #NoSleevesNoRules

David Roth [10:10 PM]:

I’m at the Sleevless Dudes party at the University of Kentucky Christian Fellowship Building. It’s pretty cool. I guess some girls might come by later.

David Roth [10:08 PM]:

Clefo living good.

AIR_istotle [10:08 PM]:

Are all those people they just showed in Storrs the Derek the RA refugees?

Charlie Gebow [10:08 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman I’m drinking Jim Beam and eating, uh, a hedge fund? in honor of both teams tonight

Addison Ryan [10:07 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman Bourbon. Many glasses of it.

Rodger Sherman [10:06 PM]:

HALFTIME. are you guys eating or drinking anything good out there?

Addison Ryan [10:05 PM]:

Are we sure this isn’t a rerun? I’ve seen that first half before.

Clay Wendler [10:04 PM]:

Ricky O'Donnell [10:04 PM]:

LeBron is impressed.

Ricky O'Donnell [10:04 PM]:

David Roth [10:03 PM]:

I think about the picture at least once a week. I would love to change that.

Mike Rutherford [10:03 PM]:

Exact same first half we’ve seen from Kentucky since the round of 32.

Tyler Tynes [10:02 PM]:

Shabazz aint got no ankles

Jimmy Kelley [10:02 PM]:

@DavidRoth A local radio show uses the audio from that all the time. This picture makes it 10000% better

Luke Zimmermann [10:02 PM]:

That possession only could’ve gone worse for UConn if they fouled on a three and UK made it.

AIR_istotle [10:02 PM]:

@DavidRoth #BigStory

David Roth [10:01 PM]:

David Roth [10:01 PM]:

This guy disagrees with your Giffey beard assessment:

Jimmy Kelley [10:01 PM]:

Terrence Samuel is gunning for another slap from Ollie

Ricky O'Donnell [10:01 PM]:

I like UConn’s guards because they couldn’t care less about things like “teamwork”. Who needs it.

AIR_istotle [10:00 PM]:

Nantz should maybe be watching the jumbotron to call this game

Mike Rutherford [9:59 PM]:

Nantz has botched like three calls already. This your week, bruh.

Tyler Tynes [9:58 PM]:

Oh Shabazz

Clay Wendler [9:58 PM]:

worst beard ever?

Clay Wendler [9:58 PM]:

Jimmy Kelley [9:56 PM]:

I think we’re done here.

Jimmy Kelley [9:56 PM]:

Clay Wendler [9:55 PM]:

Ricky O'Donnell [9:54 PM]:

This has been a nice reminder that the zone defense is for cowards

Luke Zimmermann [9:53 PM]:

We might just have a game, y’all.

Jimmy Kelley [9:53 PM]:

weakside alley-oop for Giffey as the zone-buster. Interesting.

David Roth [9:52 PM]:


David Roth [9:52 PM]:

Just when I’d given up on the Harrisons turning back into pumpkins.

Jimmy Kelley [9:52 PM]:

CBS went and moved him when they saw him in the shot.

Tyler Tynes [9:52 PM]:


Clay Wendler [9:51 PM]:

AIR_istotle [9:51 PM]:


Cam_Newton [9:51 PM]:

@Mike Rutherford you guys talked about that today on 680. It’s a UK staple this tournament.

Charlie Gebow [9:50 PM]:


Luke Zimmermann [9:50 PM]:

Would still eat:

Mike Rutherford [9:50 PM]:

Here comes the standard end of the half run.

Jimmy Kelley [9:50 PM]:

AAU parents/coaches are the worst parents/coaches

Ricky O'Donnell [9:49 PM]:

Mr. Harrison is known as a very vocal supporter

Ricky O'Donnell [9:49 PM]:

Jimmy Kelley [9:48 PM]:

Rodger Sherman [9:46 PM]:

@Mike Rutherford looked it up — nine, if we’re being picky. Double digits in the last three.

Clay Wendler [9:45 PM]:

Luke Zimmermann [9:45 PM]:

1st 7:15
UConn 26
Drake “Hurt”

David Roth [9:45 PM]:

I legit made fun of them for drafting Dakari Johnson and now I am here in this live-chat, feeling like a dope.

David Roth [9:44 PM]:

I’m friends with a bunch of Kentucky alums, and they’re winning every bracket and dominating the fantasy league my friend is doing for the tournament.

Tyler Tynes [9:44 PM]:

@Addison Ryan Can’t lie, I have a lot of hate for UK

Mike Rutherford [9:44 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman At least 8 in the last four, I think.

Charlie Gebow [9:44 PM]:

@Addison Ryan If anyone actually has said that, I think it’s your civic duty to punch them (This goes for any in-state rivalry anywhere)

Addison Ryan [9:43 PM]:

I can’t pretend I want to “keep it in the state”. Please destroy them UConn.

Rodger Sherman [9:43 PM]:

Kentucky has trailed by 10 in how many of the games thus far?

David Roth [9:42 PM]:

Just being outrun. It’s weird. They’re getting Kentucky-ed right now.

Tyler Tynes [9:42 PM]:

Kentucky looks lost in every way

Mike Rutherford [9:41 PM]:

Brima doing exactly what UConn needs. Just has to stay out of foul trouble.

jokastrength [9:40 PM]:

This is true.. didn’t we all live tweet a dog show for multiple days in Feb?

Jimmy Kelley [9:40 PM]:

Randle being left handed gives him such an advantage going for blocks. Underrated quality for a big man

David Roth [9:40 PM]:

I watch Rutgers games, man.

Tyler Tynes [9:40 PM]:

Randle looks comfortable

David Roth [9:40 PM]:

Ha, you don’t know my life.

Luke Zimmermann [9:39 PM]:

Kentucky’s best play defensively this game was forcing a shot clock violation. Sort of says it all so far.

Mike Rutherford [9:39 PM]:

Seriously, would have been the 5th or 6th best game on any given Saturday in February.

jokastrength [9:39 PM]:

David- it is college bball- no match-up would have been watched two months ago.

David Roth [9:37 PM]:

It’s still crazy to me that this is a match-up I would absolutely not have watched on a Saturday afternoon two months ago.

AIR_istotle [9:37 PM]:

Drive, chip, and putt? That’s the dumbest punt, pass, kick knockoff I’ve ever seen

Clay Wendler [9:37 PM]:

David Roth [9:37 PM]:

That’s exactly it, though. It works a lot better than their attempts at running even rudimentary AASA stuff earlier this year.

Cam_Newton [9:37 PM]:

@Jimmy Kelley I can picture him flailing around when his character dies. That and shouting “Utah, get me two!”

Rodger Sherman [9:37 PM]:

kentucky’s strategy: intentionally miss the first shot to just get the offensive board. easier than actually penetrating

Jimmy Kelley [9:36 PM]:

Where is Clash of Clans in the National Brand Championship standings?

David Roth [9:36 PM]:

That game flow has been such a weird thing to watch. They’ve abandoned whatever pretense of structure they had early in the season, and have been so much better for it. Not exactly artful to me, but the results are the results.

Mike Rutherford [9:34 PM]:

Kentucky refusing to deviate at all from the game flow they’ve used for the past two weeks is admirable.

Luke Zimmermann [9:33 PM]:

“Boatright, tho” – Jim Nantz is hip-hop.

AIR_istotle [9:33 PM]:

Boy those one and done boys sure can dunk

Ricky O'Donnell [9:33 PM]:

Well, Poythress seems fine.

Jimmy Kelley [9:32 PM]:

@PrezNewton44 He’s watching Point Break, though. Actually, that makes it better

Cam_Newton [9:32 PM]:

Can we please get a picture in picture live feed of Gary Busey in the top corner of the screen?

Jimmy Kelley [9:32 PM]:

@Clay Wendler Ryan Boatright should probably lay low for awhile

Luke Zimmermann [9:31 PM]:

This photo is everything:

Clay Wendler [9:31 PM]:

Jimmy Kelley [9:31 PM]:

@DavidRoth That would be better than anything similar to “When you think you can’t…UCONN

Mike Rutherford [9:30 PM]:

He went “UConn” heavy back in ‘04, so I’m leaning towards something to do with Shabazz this year.

Bryan M. Vance [9:30 PM]:


David Roth [9:30 PM]:

His Aloe Blacc imitation is shockingly good.

David Roth [9:30 PM]:

I’m going to assume that, if UConn wins, Nantz will sing “UConn tell everybody. UConn tell everybody. UConn tell everybody.”

David Roth [9:29 PM]:

Never too early for me, Mike.

Addison Ryan [9:29 PM]:

@Mike, never

Mike Rutherford [9:28 PM]:

Too early to play “predict the Nantz line” for both team?

David Roth [9:28 PM]:

Tony Romo is us.

Addison Ryan [9:28 PM]:

please uconn… please

Luke Zimmermann [9:28 PM]:


Bryan M. Vance [9:28 PM]:

@Ricky O’Donnell isn’t Tony Romo America’s hero? He IS America’s underperforming QB.

Clay Wendler [9:28 PM]:

Ricky O'Donnell [9:27 PM]:

Jim Nance just said Julius Randle’s hero is Tony Romo. I find that hard to believe.

David Roth [9:27 PM]:

The sound quality is so weird in these Basketball Games In Football Stadiums. Like, this is pretty loud, but also sort of sounds like a busy airport terminal. Imagine how berserk this would be if it were being played in an actual basketball arena?

Luke Zimmermann [9:27 PM]:

History’s greatest monster:

Charlie Gebow [9:27 PM]:

More like 2 Lack of Jokes Girls amirite? High five?

Ricky O'Donnell [9:26 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann He saved a lot of innocent lives by not choosing to play for Washington State

Tyler Tynes [9:26 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann More like a humble mix of Vladimir and Nikolai #GamersPlayGames

jokastrength [9:26 PM]:

Luke— well I wasn’t..

Luke Zimmermann [9:25 PM]:

If you’re drinking a shot of Fireball everytime Shabazz hits a trey, well, game on, I suppose.

Luke Zimmermann [9:23 PM]:

1st 15:42
Gary Busey
UConn + Kentucky 14

Eric Buenning [9:22 PM]:

Gary Busey for MOP

Tyler Tynes [9:22 PM]:

@Ricky O’Donnell those are shirts Russell and I wore in our youth

Ricky O'Donnell [9:22 PM]:

Gary Busey is my favorite college basketball player

Jimmy Kelley [9:22 PM]:

Gary Busey commercial is everything.

Mike Rutherford [9:21 PM]:

Giffey has been really cold in UConn’s last two games. They don’t have someone get hot from the outside, it’s hard to see them winning.

Peter Woodburn [9:21 PM]:

I want that shirt. And then one for everyone of my friends.

Ricky O'Donnell [9:21 PM]:

Russell Westbrook would call that Cauley-Stein shirt modest

Luke Zimmermann [9:20 PM]:


Ricky O'Donnell [9:20 PM]:

Dang, Boatright got hit hard there

Clay Wendler [9:20 PM]:

Clay Wendler [9:19 PM]:

Jimmy Kelley [9:17 PM]:

Surprised Cal isnt burning an early timeout like he did in 2H against Wisconsin.

Ricky O'Donnell [9:17 PM]:

@Jimmy Kelley oh, it’s coming

Eric Buenning [9:17 PM]:


Jimmy Kelley [9:17 PM]:


Tyler Tynes [9:16 PM]:


Ricky O'Donnell [9:16 PM]:

Dakari Johnson has been a monster this tournament

Eric Buenning [9:16 PM]:

Hello, friends.

Jimmy Kelley [9:16 PM]:

Freshmen nerves #narratives

Jimmy Kelley [9:14 PM]:

@Ricky O’Donnell Like the honey BBQ wings I just crushed

Tyler Tynes [9:14 PM]:

Sports Sports Sports

Ricky O'Donnell [9:14 PM]:

No one will ever hear it again after tonight

Ricky O'Donnell [9:14 PM]:

Are you guys savoring every last sweet note of this Killers song?

Kurt Mensching [9:14 PM]:

@jokastrength he has a point!

Jimmy Kelley [9:13 PM]:

Steve Winwood sounding song!

Elfuego51 [9:13 PM]:

Pretty sure a fist bump would have sufficed for Kevin Ollie there.

jokastrength [9:12 PM]:

Kurt— oblig:

Jimmy Kelley [9:11 PM]:

The play-by-play announcer as the PA announcer in these games has always been interesting to me. Necessary, but interesting

Bryan M. Vance [9:11 PM]:

Everyone saw that UConn players are all dropouts, right?

Kurt Mensching [9:11 PM]:

Dogs > Cats

Charlie Gebow [9:10 PM]:


Jimmy Kelley [9:10 PM]:

UConn wins the pre-game video portion of this one

Bryan M. Vance [9:10 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman IT’S THE ONLY VERSION!

jokastrength [9:10 PM]:

Dint put da tide in because they scared. PAWL

Jimmy Kelley [9:10 PM]:

Be a good sport Bryan, there’s plenty of time for drunkenly yelling song lyrics

Rodger Sherman [9:09 PM]:

@Bryan M Vance the hootie version of wagon wheel does not count as an actual version of wagon wheel

Bryan M. Vance [9:09 PM]:

Hootie didn’t play Wagon Wheel. Fuck that guy. I wanted to get drunk and shout WAGOOON WHEEEL for the next three hours.

Rodger Sherman [9:08 PM]:


James Brady [9:07 PM]:

undertaker is gonna win

Ricky O'Donnell [9:07 PM]:

yeah yeah basketball!

Kurt Mensching [9:06 PM]: