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2014 One Shining Moment: Relive UConn's championship run, a damn fine NCAA Tournament

Here's your 2014 One Shining Moment video, and WE ALREADY MISS YOU, COLLEGE BASKETBALL

It's one of the greatest moments of the college basketball year: We all gather around, sit completely quiet, and let our body get covered in goosebumps as a cheesy song from the 1980s plays on CBS along with highlights from the just-finished NCAA Tournament. It's "One Shining Moment," and it's the college basketball season's post-climax cigarette.

The question coming into the national championship game, besides, you know, who would win: would "One Shining Moment" be three straight minutes of Shabazz Napier, or three straight minutes of Aaron Harrison daggers? Turns out we get Bazz. And Ryan Boatright. And DeAndre Daniels.

"One Shining Moment" is great because it lets us remember the stuff we forgot about -- how much we loved Mercer, how much we loved North Dakota State, how much we loved Stephen F. Austin, that DAYTON MADE THE DAMN ELITE EIGHT -- and let us watch kids crying, and celebrating, all the things that are great about the tourney.

And it reminds us that Duke lost in the first round.

And let us remember that college basketball is fantastic, and that it's gone until November.