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3 Oregon players reportedly booted from basketball team following forcible rape investigation, police report

Oregon's basketball program is at the center of a forcible rape investigation that has caused the dismissal of three players.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon's basketball program announced that Dominic Artis, Damyean Dotson and Brandon Austin were "not currently participating in any team activities" on Monday afternoon, and a late night report by The Oregonian shed some light on the details surrounding the leave of absence by the three players. Dotson is the subject of a forcible rape investigation from March that also names Artis and Austin in the police report. Dotson will not be prosecuted due to a lack of evidence, and was the lone subject of the investigation. All three players were reportedly kicked off the team on Monday night. Read the entire police report here.

The police report depicts a gruesome scene where all three men allegedly forced vaginal and oral sex upon the victim multiple times. The report starts at a party where the victim states she was intoxicated. She was allegedly led into a bathroom by Dotson and Austin, where the two Oregon basketball players allegedly took off the victim's clothes and started sexually assaulting her. The victim said she did not want to do anything with them, but Austin and Dotson were persistent. Each allegedly forced oral sex on the victim, and Austin allegedly began having vaginal intercourse with her at a certain point. Austin was allegedly in front of the bathroom door to prevent anyone from coming into a bathroom that did not lock.

Per the police report, after the victim exited the bathroom to grab a cup of water, she was again allegedly led back to the bathroom, this time with Artis joining Dotson and Austin. The three men allegedly forced oral sex on the victim.

The three players allegedly took the victim back to an apartment and continued with the sexual assault. The victim alleged that all three players had vaginal intercourse with her before she started crying and they stopped. The victim fell asleep at the apartment and returned wearing clothes allegedly provided by Artis, since the victim's clothes were wet from rain the night before.

Artis and Dotson were interviewed by local authorities and said all sexual activity was consensual.

This is the second sexual assault incident involving Austin, who was also under investigation by police in Providence, R.I. Austin transferred to Oregon after originally signing with Providence and getting suspended for the season.

Dotson started 69 of 71 games for Oregon over the last two seasons, averaging 11.4 points as a freshman and 9.4 points per game as a sophomore. Artis, a point guard, averaged 4.1 points per game as a sophomore last season. Austin would have been eligible to play in December as a freshman.